“Know the Glow”

The absent red glow reflex is a sign that the child has Retinoblastoma.

Love From Liam inc.

Eye fight to win. Eye can’t fight alone.

Love From Liam inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that raises awareness for Retinoblastoma and funding for families receiving treatment locally at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Love From Liam inc. is a 501c3 volunteer nonprofit that consists of a community of friends, family, and corporate sponsors that have come together to help raise funds to fight Retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is a pediatric cancer of the Retina. Each year doctors diagnose more than 5000 cases of Retinoblastoma, making it the most common eye cancer in young children. Awareness is key for Retinoblastoma, as many doctors fail to recognize and screen for Retinoblastoma during early appointments, which can lead to lower outcome rates for patients.

Love From Liam inc. is dedicated to raising awareness, funding and support for families battling Retinoblastoma and other childhood cancers. Our organization was inspired by Liam Spingler, who was diagnosed at his 6-month check-up with bi-lateral (both eyes) Retinoblastoma.  Treatments can last for years and include monthly exams under anesthesia, MRI, chemotherapy, laser and cryotherapies. Love From Liam Inc. raises funds in Liam’s name to help other children and their families fighting this aggressive and persistent cancer.


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